• Market Research and Analysis for Exporters and Importers of fresh fruits.

Breaking into a new fresh produce  and other perishable food business sector and geographic market can become a struggle if you don’t use proper marketing research and analysis to help you successfully begin working with other countries and key players in those respective markets. GCA uses a team of qualified consultants experienced in marketing and analysis to help businesses with export market sales analysis and those looking for business matchmaking in competitive regions. We never use a standard approach to export market research because we know that each business has its own unique needs and requirements. We work in conjunction with business owners to achieve exceptional results tailored to their needs. In addition, we tend to align our work with competitive advantages such prices, logistics and product quality.

  • Market Research, Analysis and Surveys for Cold Chain Solutions providers 

Components segment market research and survey services support cold chain hardware and software solutions providers understand the market they are navigating in. It’s important for them not only know the market before deploying solutions but also how the solution is performing in the market.