Our specialized inspectors and surveyors check fresh produce  and other perishables to ensure quality before loading and  are present upon arrival of cargo or truck to assess possible cargo damage right after opening doors of container or truck.

  • Condition of inventory: not only to ensure that products can be shipped safely or be sold in accordance with at least minimum conditions of quality but also that they meet buyer specific requirements and market consumption trends.
  • Temperature control: check and monitor post-harvest temperature and storage conditions for your produce
  • Brix level control
  • Weight control
  • Firmness control
  • Capture of photos showing real visual quality of the products.
  • Damage verification and reporting
  • Humidity checking
  • Ventilation
  • Plus other quality requirements (size, packaging, etc…)
  • Cold room temps. sets among others.

GCA fresh produce inspectors follow detailed inspection protocols, prepared by experts based on international regulations, quality standards and clients’ SPECIFIC requirements.